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A Tale Of Space

They gave me a space. It wasn’t a great space, it wasn’t bad either. But it was my space and I would work in it. It was a piece of the building that used to be on the outside, but was now on the inside. Frozen in time, the weather cannot get to it any more. It will always be like this until the building is no more. The space has now stopped existing, stopped living. I will live in it instead, in my own language, outside of time. I will occupy the space under its own terms.


Keeping track of what I make is always a dull task that I put off a lot. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s fun to sit down and browse through the photos and videos of the stuff I made in the last six months. When I’m in a making mood I rarely find time for reflection, but moments like this really help me appreciate and understand my own process and how it’s all connected.

I updated my site with some of my favourite works from the past months. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


My work evokes human presence without actually depicting human forms. Every day objects can signal human presence, like hoofprints alerting a hunter to the presence of an animal. Through a treatment I call “dematerialisation” I take the temporal and material aspects out of the object so the focus is shifted to pure presence.

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